The Benefits of Aminos+Energy

November 25, 2020 2 min read



We get it.  You’re bombarded by supplement ads daily promising to change your life.  You intuitively know none of these will do so, hence why you don’t purchase them.  

Aminos+Energy, our flagship product, isn't going to change your life.  We’ll readily admit that.  What we can say, is that it just may    make your life 5% better.

Aminos+Energy is a caffeinated amino acid supplement, combining the muscle feeding elements of amino acids with the performance boost of caffeine. 

Let’s into some of the main benefits that Aminos+Energy provides.

  • Improve muscular stamina:  Many of you must have experienced fatigue during exercise. It happens due to glycogen depletion, which causes exhaustion and a drop in athletic performance.  

  • Aminos+Energy contains beta-alanine which lessens the lactic acid buildup in muscles.  This allows the muscle to push unencumbered, hence, athletic performance is improved.  Long distance cyclists regularly use beta alanine to inhibit muscle fatigue.  

  • Boosting digestion: When fats, carbohydrates, and proteins are not digested properly, they can cause digestive issues. They also lead to symptoms like bloating, burping, and nausea.

  • The Aminos+Energy boosts the digestion process due to the presence of free form amino acids. These are pre-digested aminos that produce the enzyme our digestive system requires for optimal digestion.

  • Appetite Suppressant:  Aminos+Energy is an amazing appetite suppressant (from our real, in person experience).  Whenever we get hungry midday but it isn’t time for a meal yet, a scoop of Amino+Energy is a huge boost.  One scoop will hold over a few hours of hunger and keep you energized.  

  • Improved recovery: Amino acid supplements assist the body in protein synthesis. This enables athletes to quickly recover from training sessions and workout routines. This recovery happens due to additional amino acids for protein synthesis. Caffeine is also aids in muscle soreness, making Aminos+Energy great for post workout recovery.

  • No added sugars or fats. The Aminos+Energy free of sugar and calories, making it an excellent drink for those dieting or looking to avoid additional calories.

  • Reduces mental fatigue and improves focus. Amino acids in conjunction with caffeine form a formidable punch to fight fatigue and mental fog.  Aminos+Energy are an excellent substitute for sugary drinks or reaching for a snack when fatigue sets in!