Imagine are being nostalgic about childhood in a candy store but plot are the older, healthier, and sexier fitness version of your inner child. What do you grab? Candy! C'mon man!  You don't grab that sugary stuff, you grab the zero calorie creatine drink that tastes just like candy. That's why we decided to create the Rainbow Candy flavor, so you can get your sweet tooth on.

Everyone over at Purbolics knows one of the oldest, safest and most proven of supplements is creatine. It can help you recover and make gains in the gym unlike any other product. So we took its purest form, Creapure®, and gave it our signature twist.  This twist is the undisputed champ of supplement flavoring...Rainbow Candy!


Creatine Contains:

  • 5g Creapure® 
  • 0 Calories
  • 0 Stimulants
  • Zero Sugar & Fat 
  • No Artificial Dyes
  • 50 Servings 


  • Improved Recovery*
  • Aids in increasing strength* 
  • Improves High-Intensity Exercise Performance* 
  • Stack With Any Pre-Workout (cough cough purAminos+Energy) for synergistic effects*


PROP 65 WARNING: This product contains chemicals known to the State of California to cause cancer and birth defects or other reproductive harm.