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We developed Aminos and Pump to be used individually or stacked together.  Some customers realized this on their own and bought them together but the majority of others are still unaware.  Like the secret menu at In-N-Out, we decided to help everyone be Cool as a Cucumber...Lime ;)

To use as a Caffeine Free "Pre-Workout" Stack, mix 1-3 servings of Aminos with 1 serving of Pump.  Throw those scoops of gainz into your FREE Purbolics Shaker with between 8-14 oz of water.  Use more or less water for a stronger or lighter taste (Play with your supplements...we won't tell Mom). 

Stack Contains:

  • (2) Aminos - 60 serving bags

  • (1) Pump - 30 serving bag

  • (1) Purbolics Shaker - 16 oz capacity (FREE)